The restaurant management tools

you need, all in one place.

Managing multi-unit restaurant chains can be complicated.

Make your life easier with dimare™. 

Everything you need is here. dimare™. 
The latest F&B management suite in the market, equipped with multi-language and multi-platform micro-applications for daily F&B business operations and management.
dimare™ micro-applications not only provides tools for your stores but also provides a crucial live KPI dashboard for your regional and franchise business management.

Anywhere, anytime,

and from any device.

Utilizing AI to make your

restaurant more efficient.

Manage sales and

increase profitability.

dimare™ is designed and built by an international team based in Tokyo, Japan.
We support Food and Beverage businesses expanding in local and global markets.

Helping you make important decisions.

Each or our modules is designed to solve the unique needs of the restaurant industry
and to provide you the tools you need to keep your restaurant running smoothly and profitably.


Plan sales budgets using sales predictions. Track real-time costs and sales to identify what's happening at your restaurants.


Access dimare™ modules and

other digital services from a single entry point to better support

daily operations. 


Track inventory in real-time. Quantitative forecasting predicts future demand, allowing you to save time and reduce costs.


Oversee the entire purchasing process. Remove the bottleneck of P/L updates by accepting shipments instantly.


Create schedules easily with our

drag and drop feature and save

time by creating and reusing

shift templates.  


Easily track employee attendance

in real time. Reduce labor costs

by analyzing overtime trends

across locations.


Reduce walk-outs and improve customer experience by streamlining queue management.


Shorten lines in stores by allowing customers to enter the queue remotely from their mobile devices.


Increase revenue and provide better service to customers by efficiently managing tables and seating customers faster.


Manage all reservations from a single location. Reduce the number of open tables and the number of no shows.

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